The board is in constant discussion with the authorities, both at departments of correctional services level, as well as with individual officials at the centers in order to increase the scope of activities and services to Muslim offenders.

Alhamdulillah, the board currently provides the following services:

  • Spiritual Care
  • Educational programs
  • Facilitation of halaal meals & supervision of kitchens
  • Rehabilitation of offenders & reintegration into society
  • Liaison with DCS
  • Formulate policy and provide Guidelines for Muslim Offenders.
  • Ramadhaan & Eidain programs - special meals provided
  • Attend meetings, workshops and conferences
  • Community awareness - masaajid & radio stations & Islamic periodicals.

Muslim Prison Board Strategic Planning


In keeping with the advice of our Beloved Nabi Muhammad (Sallalahu alaihi wasalam): “Approach matters with planning” (Hadith Sahreef) the Muslim Prison Board undertook a Strategic Planning exercise to ensure its continued relevancy.

The idea of this process is to improve governance in the organisation as well as to allow it to be proactive rather than reactive. The Strategic Plan was designed to help us respond effectively to any new situation that may arise. The Strategic Plan provides a framework for day-to-day decisions Other benefits that are to be derived include anticipating opportunities and obstacles and to improve overall performance of the Muslim Prison Board.


As an organisation we have identified the following six Strategic Goals:

  • Protect, preserve and provide an Understanding about the Deen of Islam within the Correctional Centres in South Africa
  • Present educational, skills programmes and awareness
  • Establish effective awareness, collaboration and partnerships with stakeholders
  • Provide after-care support for Muslim parolees and ex-offenders.
  • Provide welfare support to the families of Muslim parolees, offenders and ex-offenders.
  • Maximizing the utilization of resources (financial, human etc)

In order to achieve these Strategic Goals, a host of activities are being carried out in the following Programmes:

  • Administration
  • Islamic Awareness and Protection programme
  • Stakeholder Relationship Programme
  • Halaal Programme
  • Financial management programme
  • Resource management programme
  • Service Delivery improvement programme
  • After-care support programme for parolees / releases
  • Welfare support programme

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